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JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver

JSFToolbox 4.5 Now Available!
for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Windows XP/Vista/7
Mac OS X

JSFToolbox™ is a suite of design and coding extensions for Dreamweaver that enables Java developers to design and build JavaServer Faces (JSF) pages with Adobe's industry-leading Web authoring tool.

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Rapid application development

JSFToolbox™ puts the power of JavaServer Faces technology in the hands of Dreamweaver users through a comprehensive suite of rapid application development tools:

  • Managed Bean introspection
  • Expression Language (EL) support
  • Visual JSF Core and JSF HTML tags
  • Internationalization with Message Bundles
  • Syntax auto-complete
  • Dynamic code hints
  • Context-sensitive help
Round-Trip Engineering

JSFToolbox™ fully supports round-trip engineering between Dreamweaver and your existing Java development tools. JSFToolbox uses design-time introspection to detect your Java code changes within Dreamweaver.

This is an essential tool for Java professionals and Web developers alike who seek the benefits of JavaServer Faces technology and Dreamweaver's award-winning design environment.

Built by Java developers for Java developers, JSFToolbox™ emerges from a direct need for a powerful and flexible design environment for building Web 2.0 applications with JavaServer Faces and Dreamweaver.

Customer List

Selected Testimonials

"Your plugin is a really cool extension to Dreamweaver. Working as a consulant I will recommend it to my customers. Again many thanks for your fantastic help! "
Peter Welkenbach, Frankfurt, Germany

"I really appreciate your tools. Finding JSFToolbox made the decision of going with JSF a lot easier for us."
Joel Rosi-Schwartz, UK

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Facelets Tools Professional Edition $29
PrimeFaces Tools Professional Edition $29
ICEfaces Tools Professional Edition $29
RichFaces Tools Professional Edition $29
Seam Tools Professional Edition $29
Tomahawk Tools Professional Edition $29
Trinidad Tools Professional Edition $29
JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver $149