Developing Web 2.0 applications
with JavaServerFaces
and Dreamweaver
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1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
Selected 3. Facelets Concepts
4. Document Types
5. Design View
6. Code View Support
7. Keyboard Shortcuts
8. Tag Object Toolbars
9. Property Inspectors
10. Facelets Tag Reference

3. Facelets Concepts

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Understanding Facelets

Facelets is a wonderful addition to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework that allows you to build composite views more quickly and easily than with JavaServer Pages (JSP), the default view handler for JSF.

Like the Apache Tapestry framework, Facelets was created with UI designers in mind, and is a natural addition to the Dreamweaver Web authoring environment. At the same time, Facelets is a complex view composition technology, and so we have provided a short introduction for new users.

Facelets Concepts

  1. Comparing Facelets and JSP
  2. Facelets Configuration
  3. Composite View Design Pattern
  4. XML Markup Languages
  5. The "JSFC" Attribute Feature