Developing Web 2.0 applications
with JavaServerFaces
and Dreamweaver
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1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Facelets Concepts
4. Document Types
5. Design View
Selected 6. Code View Support
7. Keyboard Shortcuts
8. Tag Object Toolbars
9. Property Inspectors
10. Facelets Tag Reference

6. Context-Sensitive Help

Documentation > Facelets > Code View Support > Context-Sensitive Help

Facelets Tools includes comprehensive Facelets tag library documentation complete with tested examples and UI design tips.

This documentation can be accessed quickly and easily using Dreamweaver's built-in context-sensitive help feature.

Simply click on a Facelets UI tag or attribute in Dreamweaver's Code View and press SHIFT+F1 and the Reference Panel will open to the appropriate page.

Facelets Context-Sensitive Help

Screenshot of Facelets UI Debug context-sensitive help.