Developing Web 2.0 applications
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1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Facelets Concepts
4. Document Types
5. Design View
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7. Keyboard Shortcuts
8. Tag Object Toolbars
9. Property Inspectors
10. Facelets Tag Reference

6. JSFC Attribute Feature

Documentation > Facelets > Code View Support > JSFC Attribute Feature

One of the benefits of Facelets is the ability to decorate standard HTML tags with special attributes to inform the Facelets view handler that certain tags should be handled as server-side components. For instance, by applying the JSFC attribute to the standard HTML input tag, Facelets will transform this tag into the JSF HtmlInputText tag at request time.

This enables HTML tags to be bound to managed bean properties and methods using JSF-EL expressions in the same way that the actual JSF tags are used. The benefit of this approach is a shorter learning curve for page designers who are unfamiliar with JSF tags.

To extend this support even further, Facelets Tools also includes JSF attribute inspectors for standard HTML tags that are categorized according to common sense usage for Facelets, complete with enumerated values, file browsing, CSS drop-down menus, and more. Syntaxauto-complete is also available for the Facelets JSFC feature.

Simply click on a Facelets UI tag or attribute in Dreamweaver's Code View and press SHIFT+F1 and the Reference Panel will open to the appropriate page.

Facelets JSFC Attribute Feature in Dreamweaver

The HTML input tag with Facelets JSFC support in Dreamweaver with Facelets Tools Community Edition.