Developing Web 2.0 applications
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1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Developing Web Sites
Selected 4. Using Components
5. Internationalization
6. Code View Support
7. Design View Support
8. Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Tag Object Toolbars
10. JSF Server Behaviors
11. Property Inspectors
12. JSF Tag Reference

4. Using Components

Contents > Using Components > JavaServer Faces Components > Managed Beans

Managed Bean Components

JSFToolbox fully supports JSF managed beans and provides drag-and-drop functionality for generating JSF expression language (EL) statements from bean properties and methods. Managed beans provide an excellent way to connect your JSF pages to server-side components that contain the business logic of your application.

JSFToolbox automatically detects any managed beans available to your Dreamweaver site and populates a tree of components in Dreamweaver's components palette. You can drag-and-drop beans, properties, and methods to create value-binding and method-binding expressions using the JSF Expression Language (JSF-EL) in your pages.

You can also import managed beans from an existing JSF applications into Dreamweaver and JSFToolbox will populate the Managed Bean components palette automatically. See the Imported Jar feature for details.

Dreamweaver's Components Palette

Drag-and-Drop JSF Expressions

Once JSFToolbox has added your managed beans to Dreamweaver's components palette, you can drag-and-drop managed bean properties and methods into Dreamweaver's code view to add JSF expressions to your tags. When you work with managed bean code hints in Dreamweaver's code view, you can expand these JSF expressions

Bean Drag and Drop
Drag-and-Drop In Action!