Developing Web 2.0 applications
with JavaServerFaces
and Dreamweaver
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1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Developing Web Sites
Selected 4. Using Components
5. Internationalization
6. Code View Support
7. Design View Support
8. Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Tag Object Toolbars
10. JSF Server Behaviors
11. Property Inspectors
12. JSF Tag Reference

4. Using Components

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Other Components

JSFToolbox™ automatically detects any action listener classes and action methods available to your site and populates property inspector controls with these options to help you develop your JSF pages. Converters, validators, value change listeners, and many other JSF component types are also supported in this way.

Action Listeners
JSF Tag Property Inspector

Standard Java Components

JSFToolbox™ significantly extends Dreamweaver's JSP server model. This includes an upgrade to Dreamweaver's JavaBeans support that enables you to import JAR files containing classes that were compiled with Java 1.4 and later for use in traditional JSP sites that do not use JavaServer Faces technology. This enhancement of Dreamweaver's Java support also includes Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL) auto-completion in code view. JSFToolbox™ also adds JSP Expression Language (JSP-EL) support to Dreamweaver.