Developing Web 2.0 applications
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5. Internationalization
6. Code View Support
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7. Live Data View

Documentation > JSF > Design View Support > Live Data View

One of the most interesting features of Dreamweaver is its Live Data view. This mode allows you to view dynamic data, such as a list of products from a database, at design time. This can be useful for rapid application development (RAD) purposes you want to see what a finished page would look like without leaving the design environment to preview the page in a browser.

JSFToolbox leverages Dreamweaver's Live Data view to render data-bound JSF components in design view while you work. To enable Live Data mode, press CTRL-R on the keyboard or click the Live Data icon to the right of the Design View icon in the Document toolbar. Note: Live Data view is only available for sites that use a dynamic server model, such as JSP, and that have a Testing Server configuration. Please see the Creating a New Dreamweaver Site section for instructions on how to setup your JSF site's testing server.

The example below shows a dataTable component rendered in Live Data view.

JSF Live Data View

JSF Live Data View