Developing Web 2.0 applications
with JavaServerFaces
and Dreamweaver
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1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Developing Web Sites
4. Using Components
5. Internationalization
6. Code View Support
7. Design View Support
8. Keyboard Shortcuts
Selected 9. Tag Object Toolbars
10. JSF Server Behaviors
11. Property Inspectors
12. JSF Tag Reference

9. JSF Core and HTML Tag Chooser Dialogs

Documentation > JSF > Tag Object Toolbars > JSF Core and HTML Tag Chooser Dialogs

To help you become familiar with the JSF Core and JSF HTML tag libraries, JSFToolbox includes a tag chooser dialog for each tag in each library. A tag chooser dialog contains a categorized view of the available attributes for the tag, a form to enter values for the attributes, and an information panel containing the JSF tag library documentation for the tag.

To access the tag chooser dialogs, simply click on the tag icon in one of the JSF tag object toolbars.

Convert Date Time Tag Chooser