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1. Introduction
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4. Seam Component Types
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6. Code View Support
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8. Property Inspectors
9. Seam Tag Reference

3. Seam Concepts

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Understanding Seam

Seam integrates Enterprise JavaBeans components into the JavaServer Faces managed bean component model using Java annotations. This relieves the programmer of the burden of declaring managed beans in faces-config.xml.

Seam annotations cover a range of use cases, including dependency injection, bean scope definition, data-model selection, user input validation, and more.

Seam Tools for Dreamweaver fully supports Seam's EJB3 component model and provides data-bound controls and JSF code hints whenever value-binding and method-binding expressions are allowed.

Seam Tools also adds the Seam Component type to the Dreamweaver components panel, enabling you to drag-and-drop EJB component properties and methods into your documents as EL expressions.