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Selected 1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Tomahawk Concepts
4. Code View Support
5. Design View Support
6. Tag Object Toolbars
7. Tomahawk Server Behaviors
8. Tomahawk Property Inspectors
9. Tomahawk Tag Reference

1. Introduction

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The Apache MyFaces Tomahawk component library is an exciting addition to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) toolset. Tomahawk is an open-source library containing 75 powerful and easy-to-use tags for your JSF Web pages, including calendars, trees, data tables, navigation menus, and much more.

This documentation has been organized to help you become familiar quickly with using Tomahawk components in Adobe Dreamweaver, the industry's leading visual Web authoring software.

Tomahawk components can be added to a new or existing JSF application based on JSP or Facelets view handling systems. These components support a wide range of use cases, from e-commerce and date/time selection, to tabbed panels and dynamic navigation menus, and everything in between.

Tomahawk Tools is an exciting product that enables you to use the full range of Tomahawk tags in Dreamweaver for JSF development.

We hope you enjoy using it!