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3. Trinidad Concepts

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Understanding Trinidad Tags

Understanding Trinidad involves learning the different tags available and how to use them effectively. Trinidad (version 1.0.0) has 109 tags. These can be understood more easily by dividing them by related functionality into fifteen different categories:

CategoryDescription# of Tags
1. Command Tags Form submission, navigation and other types of user interaction.6
2. Component Tags Utility tags for working with UI components.


3. Conversion Tags Utility tags to convert UI components.


4. Data Tags For rendering data tables, lists and scrollable result sets7
5. Document Tags For assembling documents dynamically from separate page fragments.8
6. Event Handling Tags Tags supporting client-side and server-side event handling.3
7. Graphics Tags For rendering images and image rollover effects in your views.5
8. HTML Tags Tags that render HTML elements.10
9. Input Tags Specialized input tags for enhanced textual user input and data entry.7
10. Navigation Tags Tags for creating attractive and functional navigation menus.6
11. Output Tags For the conditional rendering of static and dynamic text.6
12. Panel Tags Tags to help you organize the layout of components in your views.18
13. Select Tags Tags for common selection scenarios, such as language, country, etc.13
14. Tree Tags Tree controls to display structured data in an intuitive manner.2
15. Validation Tags Tags based on the Jakarta Commons validation library.8