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JSFToolbox Features

Feature Matrix

Feature Facelets Tools Tomahawk Tools JSFToolbox
Tag Object Toolbars Supported Supported Supported
Syntax Auto-Complete Supported Supported Supported
Tag Inspectors Supported Supported Supported
Context-Sensitive Help Supported Supported Supported
Tag Library Documentation Supported Supported Supported
Tag Chooser Dialogs Supported Supported Supported
Visual JSF Tags     Supported
Design-Time Introspection     Supported
Managed Bean Support     Supported
Message Bundle Support     Supported
UI Component Support     Supported
Dynamic Code Hints     Supported
Live Data View     Supported
JSF Site Wizard     Supported
JSP-EL / JSF-EL Support     Supported
Import JAR Feature     Supported
Keyboard Shortcuts     Supported
JSF Server Behaviors     Supported

Now You Know

JSFToolbox fully supports round-trip engineering with other Java development environments. It uses design-time introspection to find backing beans, message bundles, and other JavaServer Faces resources on your Dreamweaver site's classpath.

Pricing Information

Facelets Tools Professional Edition $29
PrimeFaces Tools Professional Edition $29
ICEfaces Tools Professional Edition $29
RichFaces Tools Professional Edition $29
Seam Tools Professional Edition $29
Tomahawk Tools Professional Edition $29
Trinidad Tools Professional Edition $29
JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver $149

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